Aluminum Wheel Mold

In Aluminum Wheel Mold Production
Precision and Innovation

In the dynamic world of automotive production, the pursuit of efficiency, durability and aesthetic perfection often leads us to the heart of the manufacturing process, namely...

Steel Wheel Mold

Steel Wheel Mold Production for Unmatched Quality and Performance

When it comes to the competitive automotive industry, precision and durability are paramount. The combination of precision engineering with innovative technology results i...

High Pressure Die Casting Molds

High Pressure Casting Molds
Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

In the world of manufacturing, the requirement for efficiency and precision has led to the development of many groundbreaking technologies. High Pressure Casting M...

Fixture and Machine Parts Manufacturing

Fixtures and Machinery Parts Manufacturing:
Industrial Efficiency

In today's globalizing world, the manufacturing industry has become incredibly sophisticated and complex. It is no longer just about combining raw materials to produce...

Rim Mold

Rim Mold

Metamold is a manufacturer specializing in wheel moulding to OEM standards. Experienced engineer staff and production capabilities, we are committed to providing customers...