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Engineering and Project

Design (Product Engineering), Production strategy (Manufacturing engineering) and quality check points are created and/or developed by our qualified engineers before the project kick off for every new program.

In design phase; phase starts with customer demands and comments, in the end, product would be met the requirements of course. If there is a subject to change anything on design; all the changes, optimizations and change requests are informed to the customer on time before starting.

Beside to the production activities, the company aims to become a company which creates patent as well.

Project starts with; Purchase Order, Design Approval, Material Procurement, Initial Quality Control, Production, Quality Control with CMM, Assembly, Functional control in the end accomplish with naked eye control.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering activities are also welcome; CMM provides to us flexibility and comfort while re-design and repairment/maintenance works, more precise and faster 3D data evaluation...etc.

Metamold aims to achieve better and better to using all the sources to meet.

Production road map; Purchase Order-Design Approval-Material Procurement-Initial Quality Control-Production-Quality Control with CMM-Assembly-Functional and Naked Eye Control.

reverse engineering